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Faena Versailles Contemporary

Faena Versailles Contemporary is the newest tower which will be part of the massive Faena district in Miami Beach. Faena Versailles Contemporary is a brand new development and has no architecture restrictions due to historical preservation like the Faena Versailles Classic had to incorporate.  This building will rise next to the historical Versailles hotel with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Creek.

Faena Versailles Contemporary features 41 residences and ranging in size from 1,110-5,478 square feet. Units start at one bedroom and go up to large five bedrooms. There will be Upper and Lower Penthouse Units occupying the whole floors. The upper PH will feature with an incredible rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The details in this project not only are luxurious but also have some eco-sensitive aspects. On the terraces the decking is made from a recycled wood composite which will hold up to all temperatures for a refreshing outdoor experience. Because it’s a new building the views to the water will be grand through the glass balconies and expansive floor to ceiling windows.

“Allowing the historic Versailles to breathe once more, allowing light and air to permeate the site, the new Versailles condominium is an elegant and poised neighbor, symmetrically balanced and scaled to respect both France’s Versailles to the north and Faena House to the south. As with the pieces of a chess set, each has its place, form and purpose, yet whilst different, they work together to create the whole”, said Brandon Haw the designer.

Since the project is just launching I’ll be able to get you the best pricing at Faena Versailles Contemporary. Developer pricing changes but the sooner you get in after the announcement the better. As a transaction broker I am unbiased towards this project and will negotiate the best possible terms for you. Faena House has sold out. If you’re interested it’s time to put down a deposit. Deposits are completely refundable within 15 days of signing a contract. If it’s only a reservation then it’s completely refundable at anytime before the contract is signed.

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