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Miami Beach Condos will benefit with Plastic Bag Ban

Miami Beach condos will directly benefit from a plastic bag ban. Currently, the City of Miami Beach, is unable to ban or charge for single use plastic bags due to a state statue. In 2008, the Florida Legislature under “The Energy, Climate Change,and Economic Security Act of 2008”, enacted a bill which created section 403.7033, Florida Statutes. This section states that no local or state government agency can create regulation or tax regarding retail plastic bags. If this section is repealed Miami Beach condos and real estate will benefit from this because it will create less litter, protect the integrity of the storm drain system and protect our environment.

The City of Miami Beach Commission is sponsoring a resolution which encourages the State of Florida to repeal section 403.7033. This would allow the City of Miami Beach to ban or charge for single use plastic bags. For a local municipality to take a leadership role on this issue is extremely important. It’s my hope and understanding that other municipalities will sign onto our resolution and create a coalition to repeal the law. The South Florida Surfrider Foundation has also been extremely instrumental in getting municipalities on board. You can learn more about their organization by visiting

Recently, The State of California, because the first US State to ban plastic bags. Previously, cities in California did this individually through local ordinances. As stated before, Florida municipalities are prohibited from creating local ordinances on the bags. Presently, plastic bag pollution and litter is a major issue in Miami Beach and all of Florida. It’s an issue because the bags are so light weight and it’s extremely easy for them to travel with the help of mother nature. If littered, these bags can end up within our storm drains which ultimately lead to the Biscayne Bay. Miami Beach condo owners ultimately will feel the pinch financially as these bags can create flooding and jam up the storm drain system.

Plastic bags are not environmentally safe for several reasons. The bags aren’t biodegradable. They photodegrade which means with light they will break down but into smaller plastic pieces. Those pieces are easily swallowed by marine life. Another reason bags are dangerous is that they are easily mistaken as jelly fish by turtles. Turtles and other marine life have died due to starvation due to the bags filling their stomachs.

I’m extremely proud of the Miami Beach Commission for supporting such an important movement. At the rate plastic is filling our Oceans it’s easy to see that major problems are coming soon. Most people enjoy seafood but not when you’re eating pieces of plastic or Styrofoam. If you’re interested in joining the movement to repeal the state law please feel free to call me at (305) 588-9469 or email me through the contact page.

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