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Miami Beach Plastic Bag Ban Possible in 2015

Miami Beach plastic bag ban

If all goes as planned Miami Beach could become the first city in Florida to have a plastic bag ban. On October 21st, the Miami Beach Commission voted in favor of a resolution which supports municipalities being able to regulate plastic bags. Currently, cities in Florida are preempted by state law from creating any legislation relating to plastic bags.

No state or local government may regulate plastic bags due to section 403.7033 Florida Statues which preempts the creation of legislation in regards to plastic bags. Plastic bags are a major environment hazard especially in coastal communities. I’ve organized coastal clean ups since early 2014 and have pulled out thousands of plastic bags from our waters. They are dangerous because marine life eats the bags out of confusion with food. Additionally, marine life can be trapped within the bags and they also easily get wrapped around mangrove trees. Outside of environmental dangers they put a major strain on a cities infrastructure particularly when caught in storm drains. The bags don’t biodegrade and can be in the water for hundreds of years.

A Miami Beach plastic bag ban would help ease the burden on volunteer groups have tried to reverse the damage done by humans. Groups such as Ecomb, Clean Up Miami Beach , Surfrider Foundation and Volunteer Clean Up have all put in hundreds of hours of labor. Unfortunately, the problem is much larger then just doing coastal clean ups. We need this state law to be repealed so cities can decide. In addition, I’ve started a petition to add to our campaign. The link can be found below. Someday condo owners will be able to look into the Atlantic Ocean from their Continuum balcony and not have to worry about seeing a plastic bag in the dunes or in our Ocean again.

Petition to Repeal State Law and allow Miami Beach to ban plastic bags.

If you’d like to know how we can get your municipality on board please

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