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Monad Terrace Residences feature private lagoon

Monad Terrace, once a quiet street with apartments and single family homes, is on the verge of becoming West Avenue’s most luxurious condo development. JDS Development Group has been assembling properties on Monad Terrace for several years in order to move forward. The final holdout at 1335 Monad Terrace was finally acquired for nearly $10 million dollars.

Monad Terrace Exterior

Monad Terrace will be a 14 story 80 unit tower with a striking lagoon. The lagoon will be on the ground floor and will allow residents to lounge on pods throughout. An adjoining bayfront pool will feature a waterfall which provides the illusion of a waterslide into Biscayne Bay.

The building is being designed by Jean Nouvel and local designer Kobi Karp. This will be Nouvel’s first entry into the Miami real estate market and the design of Monad Terrace will mimic elements used in his One Central Park (see the image below) design in Sydney, Australia. Nouvel’s work can be identified at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. He designed the hanging gardens at PAMM and will create a external green wall with living vegetation along one side of the building.

one central park

Units will range in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms. JDS has limited total floors from 16 to 14 to allow for higher ceilings with a building height of 149 feet. The maximum allowed by Miami Beach is 150 feet. This is less than half the height of the neighboring Waverly (358) at South Beach. There will be several penthouses with private pools. Elevators will stop outside of each unit for additional privacy.

A hot topic for owners on West Avenue is flooding due to sea-level rise. I am an appointed member of the Miami Beach Sea Level Rise Committee and am well versed in what the city is doing to protect our real estate. Miami Beach presently has a couple pumping stations up and running which actively keep West Avenue dry. Several more will be coming online within this year.

In addition to the flooding mitigation work, West Avenue is getting a full streetscape makeover. This will include the first ever protected bike lanes in Miami-Dade County. Monad Terrace should be open after the construction is completed. Monad Terrace’s estimated completion is set for mid to late 2018.

If you’re interested in receiving updates on this development please contact me at (305) 588-9469 or As of now, no units have be released for sale yet and pricing hasn’t been released. To stay updated visit

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