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Miami Beach bans styrofoam
Sep 25, 2014

Miami Beach Bans Styrofoam

Miami Beach bans Styrofoam. I bet you’d never expect to hear that. Expanded polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, is the material popularly used.

Flea Markets in Miami
Jun 11, 2014

The Best Flea Markets in Miami

The Best Flea Markets in Miami offer much more than just shopping. Many of the venues have entertainment and really offer a lot of fun.

Miami Beach 5 Star Hotels
Jun 4, 2014

Miami Beach 5 Star Hotels

Miami Beach 5 Star Hotels are an absolutely vital part of our tourism industry. Luxury clients expect luxury experiences and we do have the hotels.

Miami Bech vacation home
May 27, 2014

Miami Beach Home Vacation Rentals

Miami Beach Home Vacation Rental Ownership Miami Beach home vacation rentals are a great option for our owners who want flexibility. With websites such as.


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